A graduate in Electronics , but my love for all things colorful and creative , pulled me into this artistic field !

I got interested in graphic designs and learnt Photoshop by myself back in 2000. Later, I worked few years as a graphic and web designer in IT industry. In 2005, when microstock websites started emerging, it was a great opportunity for me to have my own gallery of images and earn from it !

That was when my stock photography journey started. I just had a point and shoot CANON DIGITAL IXUS 50 camera and began taking pictures of almost everything !!!! So most of my initial works in my gallery are from P&S camera. Also graphic designs from Photoshop.

Later , I was so fascinated with vector graphics , that I learnt Illustrator in 2006 and started filling up my portfolio with my own ideas and designs ! Being in microstock agencies is a big challenge and running this race, you got to update yourself all the time ! It also gives you inspiration and motivation to explore new things. So seeing many great photographers portfolio, I wanted to get into the world of photography. I got my DSLR Canon EOS 450D in 2008 and still loving it 🙂

Also I got interested in fractal art and designed few abstracts which I have added to my stock portfolio.

Yep, here I am now as a  Graphic Designer and a Photographer !

You can find my portfolio links here and if you would like to join any stock photo agencies, check here

Personal website: www.cycreation.com

Why the name cycreation ? Well, C and Y are the first letters of my father-mother names.

I feel proud to say that, I get my artistic skills and optimism from my mother and the sense of responsibility as well as the drive to acquire more knowledge at any age from my father ! Its my gratitude towards my parents that I named my website as cycreation !

My sweet daughter Prerana (means Inspiration in Sanskrit) is a real inspiration for my work. She is very artistic too 🙂

Well, last but not least, the determination and never giving-up attitude which I have learnt from my husband has made me the person who I am today !

I hope you enjoy my designs and photos !

If you are interested in my iPhone photos with effects, check another blog on WP : http://jjclicks.wordpress.com/

Keep Smiling 🙂


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